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Here Are Four More Delicious Restaurant Picks In Washington DC

I’ve got four more Washington DC restaurants picked out for you. That city has plenty, as you can imagine, catering to tourists from all over the world, let alone the country. This means you can pick just about any cuisine you like, so what do your taste buds tell you today? Hopefully, one or more of these four DC establishments will be to your liking.

Lincoln’s Waffle Shop is up first, and it is located on 10th Street NW. This restaurant features blueberry pancakes. If you remember from the last article, there was one there that featured lemon pancakes. I think blueberry ones sound better. Plus they of course are going to have waffles, and the menu highlights feature home fries, chicken wings and more.

The next establishment is Thunder Burger and Bar. Now that name just sounds cool. I don’t have to tell you that you can find a great burger there. Located on M Street NW, the restaurant doesn’t just feature what’s called the Thunder Burger, but also sliders as well. One reviewer also mentions that there is a Bison Burger as well. Everyone leaving a review about this place seems to mention Georgetown, so that must be some section of Washington DC.

Off The Record is up next, and it is found on 16th Street NW. Okay, there are pictures of the sliders, and let’s just say they look scrumptious. Those sliders sure do seem to be a thing. Reviews say that this is a spot for brunch. One reviewer mentions the bar, and another says that this is actually their favorite place to eat in the entire city. So there you have it, a great pick.

For the fourth restaurant in DC for this article, I’m going to take you by Elephant and Castle, which is found on Pennsylvania Ave NW. There you will find shepherd’s pie, fish and chips and Yorkshire pudding, among other great menu items. Reviewers also rave about the butter chicken. I’ll take the shepherds pie I do believe.

Now, which out of these four DC restaurants fits your fancy the most? It’s hard for me to pick, but I’ll go with Thunder Burger and Bar. Then I would want to go to Lincoln’s Waffle Shop. I might even make it by all four of them if I had the time. It would be cool to be able to do that, but it depends on how long you are in DC and what all you have to do there.

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